silence is golden - 10th of july 2015

silence is golden - 10th of july 2015


Confused by the lingering invasive beams
Of a summer sun
Will it catch up
Way past its final curtain call clouds
Upstaging aurora
Impatient to blanket the world in dew


When I started counting 77 backwards from my birthday, I didn’t know where I would be at the start of this endeavour.
The first morning, walking out of a friend’s village, I found myself standing in a meadow with a view of my birthplace, Zierikzee. It really hadn’t occurred to me, at the time I decided to come stay in Zeeland for a week around queensday, I was literally back at the beginning.
In the last week the fun really started, when I set my alarm too early… and walking to the fields I find I “do not have the time” to stand and wait for the red fiery ball to rise into the sky. I keep staring at a big fat moon instead, wishing I hadn’t relied on just my iphone this morning. Eager to get on with my day, I am satisfied with the soft glow lurking behind the trees…